What is green energy? Mention the types of green energy

Green energy is a form of energy which comes from the natural sources. At present, the latest development of green energy has been exploded which has yielded hundreds of promising new technologies which can reduce the dependence on the coal, oil and the other natural gas. This energy sources have small issues will happen on the environment, when it is compared to the fossil fuels which creates pollutants like the green house gases as the by-product. Mostly the green energy utilizes the energy sources which are readily available all over the world, including the remote and the rural areas which does not have access to the electricity. This green energy has reduced the cost of the other solar panels, wind turbines and other sources of energy. This places the ability to produce the electricity than by producing it through oil, gas, coal and by the utility companies. The green energy can be renewable which means it can be naturally replenished. This green energy can also be used as the fossil fuels in all important sectors and including the electricity, water and also as the fuel for the motor vehicles. 

Types of green energy:

As these green energy are non-polluting form of energy, it is advancing at a fast pace and it is so hard to keep track of the forms of green energy which are now in development. The top 4 forms of green energy are listed below:

  • Solar power

  • Wind power

  • Hydro power

  • Geothermal energy

Solar power – This solar power is the most widespread type of renewable energy and this is usually produced using the photovoltaic cell which helps in capturing the sunlight and turns it into the electricity. This is also used to heat the buildings and the water and provides natural lighting and to cook food. It has become more inexpensive enough to power everything from the small hand gadgets to the entire home or office. Many people prefer solar energy for their regular needs.

Wind power – This is generated through the air flow on the earth’s surface and can be used to push turbines with the stronger winds which helps in producing the energy. This energy is able to supply 40 times the current which needed for the worldwide consumption. 

Hydro Power – This is also called as the hydroelectric power and this is generated by the earth’s water cycle which includes the evaporation, rainfall, tides and the force of water which is running through a dam. This hydro power depends on the high precipitation level which is to produce the significant amount of energy. 

Geothermal energy – This energy is just produced from the earth’s crust which is massive amounts of thermal energy which is originated from the radioactive decay of minerals. This geothermal energy which is in the form of hot springs has been used by the humans for the millennia of bathing and now it is being used as the generating factor of electricity.